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January 2013

Knowledge is the New Gold – Happy Mining!

By Michael Lisin, Sr. Consultant Do you use data to support your decisions? Most people use data to support even the simplest decisions on a daily basis. What route should I take to beat the traffic? Is the interest low enough to refinance my house? Should I go to this meeting? When should I wake up to make my 8:00 meeting? Most business users evaluate data to support their decisions. In a typical scenario a business user has a hypothesis and explores data to evaluate his hypothesis. For example: a business user would advance a hypothesis that his company should receive a good return on investment (ROI) from direct marketing, based on the last year’s data of 50% ROI from the direct marketing.

Overcoming Obstacles in the Agile Transition

By Grant Beck, Agile Solutions Practice Director Recently I was tasked with the challenge of converting two project teams to an Agile Scrum software delivery model. Our client’s management team had become more aware of the benefits of Agile and was anxious to put it into practice. I was somewhat surprised at the initial protests from a few individuals on the teams to working ‘Agile’. By definition, Agile means ‘quick and well-coordinated in movement’ or ‘marked by an ability to think quickly’. Who would be opposed to such a change?

Plaster Group serving on the TDWI Northwest chapter board

The TDWI Northwest chapter has announced its board members for 2013 and Plaster Group is pleased to be represented by Wendy Parker (President) and Ted Schill (Sponsorship Coordinator). Look for exciting chapter events in 2013, including guest speakers Michael Scofield on January 22nd in Seattle (Data Visualization) and Bill Inmon on March 13th in Bellevue (Data Warehouse 2.0). You can learn more about TDWI Northwest on their chapter page or on LinkedIn.