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May 2014

Seattle BI Meetup: Data Mining Meets Engineering

Our Data & Analytics Director Wendy Parker is co-teaching a Data Mining course at the University of Washington. She recently invited Lucas Parker of Visible Technologies to speak to the class regarding how they use data mining.  In data mining, the focus is often on how models are created rather than how they are used in the real world.  We greatly appreciated Lucas’ discussion of his experience putting models to use and some of the interesting findings he made along the way.

The Consulting Architect as a Management Consultant

The Consulting Architect So you’ve engaged a Solutions Architect to help build an e-commerce application for your company.  When you decided to look outside the company for help, you considered what you wanted in the individual that you would eventually select.  For instance, you wanted him or her to have experiences building e-commerce-type applications and possibly other types of applications as well.  You wanted someone current on the state of various IT technologies and architectures.  You wanted someone able to assess and understand your company’s business needs as they relate to e-commerce.  As importantly, you wanted someone who can tell you what you need to know about building and managing an e-commerce application.  (Feel free to substitute “e-commerce” with any LOB application.)  Net, you wanted someone to transfer their expertise to you and your company.

May 22 TDWI Event: Big Data Panel

Plaster Group is looking forward to sponsoring and attending  another TDWI Northwest event next week. The Database Warehousing Institute’s Seattle Chapter aims to enable those in BI and DW-related fields to gather together, grow a strong network of peers, and share best practice and technical advice.

Content Management: Centralized Contract Tracking Brings it All Together at a Seattle Non-Profit

by Plaster Group’s Business Solutions Team Challenge A Seattle-based non-profit organization had a contracts management system with insufficient and inconsistent data tracking abilities and the expectation that the system would continue to be in use for a few more years before replacement. Multiple groups within the organization use the same system, but this contracts system didn’t have the necessary level of tracking analysts needed to perform all of their duties. Consequently, each of the organization’s groups developed different processes and tools with unique data requirements that had only some coincidental overlap. Simple contracts required the same high level of management as very complex contracts and the resulting inefficient workflow was costing them money. Plaster Group’s Enterprise Content Management team was tasked with developing a standardized process for the tracking of contracts across the organization and crafting a centralized technological solution to support it.