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July 2014

Agile Solutions Case Study: Guiding the Transition to Agile Scrum

Moving to Agile improves quality, increases customer satisfaction, and develops a culture of continuous improvement. by Plaster Group’s Agile Solutions Team Challenge Our client, a large international retailer, wanted to implement the Agile Scrum methodology within their BI project teams to increase customer focus and improve customer satisfaction; internal customers were often frustrated with the “speed and quality” of BI deliverables. Implementing this change internally was difficult since the BI team had very limited experience with the Agile framework — there was no understanding of the practices or cadence of Agile iterations, nor was there a process cycle for continuous improvement.

Business Solutions Case Study: InfoPath Solution, Process Automation via Email

by Plaster Group’s Business Solutions Team Challenge A local large non-profit human resources team used a cumbersome approval process for employee flexible work arrangements [FWA] which included printed forms, hand-written notes passed back and forth, untracked email, and manual routing. The risk of missed input and duplicative effort was high. This resulted in confusion and inefficiently spent resources for the business. The team wanted to simplify and enhance the process with available technology so no employee requests were lost in unnecessary complexity and the company would remain legally protected.

Data & Analytics Case Study: Demand Fulfillment Analytics Platform Ensures On-time Order Fulfillment

by Plaster Group’s Data & Analytics Team Challenge Our client’s Business Intelligence solution lacked sufficient capabilities to determine optimal supply chain operations. Although data was available to analysts, it was stored in multiple locations and there were consistent issues in data report timing from data sources so data was neither aggregated in a cohesive manner nor delivered on time.