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October 2015

Requirements Management: Critical Path to Project Success

by Cullen Gray, Director of Business Solutions In today’s increasingly complex business environment, there are an ever-increasing number of reasons for project failure, but the leading offenders still remain scope creep, poor communication, lack of stakeholder involvement and inadequate support from executive sponsors.  A common thread that stitches through all these root causes for project failure is that they involve or impact requirements and requirements management.

What Makes a Great Leader? Exploring the Top Five Qualities that Matter.

by Plaster Group’s Product Management and Marketing Team Undoubtedly the list of great qualities that contribute to effective leadership is long. But we thought to offer a bit of perspective on what the top five should be. Despite your profession or industry, these qualities are ‘drivers’ of great leadership.  If you have honed these abilities then you are well on your way to becoming a great leader and if not, well, there is always an opportunity to start. No matter where you maybe in your career path, remember it takes years to become an expert at something and in the case of ‘great leadership’ it probably takes longer and requires more resilience.  But the key is recognizing what path, and qualities to adopt. We hope our advice inspires you!

Consultant Team Building Exercise: Marshmallow & Spaghetti Tower

Plaster Group consultants put their communication and problem-solving skills to to the test at our last quarterly meeting. Tasked with building a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti, they also had to to overcome obstacles such as being blindfolded and unable to speak. This team-building exercise really brought out the best in our consultants, and you an read more about this activity below: