An Introduction to Scrum, the Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Challenge

Our client’s Enterprise Data Warehouse department was tasked with providing their customers a centralized, intuitive, timely, and comprehensive business data solution to enable the organization in making more strategic business decisions based on pharmacy analytics, enrollment and claims data, and quality-of-care reporting.  With a recent history of project deliverables that never quite satisfied their customers (as evidenced by low adoption rates) and unpredictable delivery, an astute leadership team realized that they needed a different approach that allowed for greater customer engagement and better responsiveness to changing customer needs.

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Data is the New Gold and How You Protect It Matters

By Sal Faizi, Sr. Consultant

In the digital age, data is gold and data security is the fortress to keep data safe.  An organization’s data comes in the form of intellectual property, trade secrets, financial, health or even personal information and must be protected per established company policies, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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