Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics “From Grounds Up”

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Our client – a specialty Seattle coffee retailer – disengaged with its distributor, and upon doing so lost visibility into its distribution channels. Only delayed point of sales reporting remained available. Additionally, ETL processes were not optimized to efficiently manipulate data returned from non-company branded stores. When combined, these two challenges resulted in haphazard data quality and an inability for the business to produce and utilize mission-critical data necessary to make effective decisions concerning the direction of the business. Continue reading “Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics “From Grounds Up””

Build Vs Buy Solution Assessment

Assessing build vs. buy solution options for managing Philanthropic Strategic Objectives. One Process, One Tool and Better Decisions.


The Client, a large philanthropic organization, was struggling to manage its priorities and goals. Teams that needed to coordinate their work were using disparate tools to capture and report data, often using different terms with the same meaning. Additionally, the same data was being entered multiple times into different tools. Staff was frustrated with the inability to measure progress against goals. Continue reading “Build Vs Buy Solution Assessment”

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Organizations and their IT infrastructure are experiencing ever-increasing demands to deliver more services, faster, and for less money. These organizations are ready to migrate to the cloud, but they must choose the correct services in the correct order for cost savings and increased performance to manifest quickly and securely. To migrate to the cloud, an organization must take their entire business into account, develop a detailed view of all their current systems, and select only the cloud computing options that can enhance their in-house solutions and mission. Plaster Group Cloud Computing consulting is dedicated to helping you navigate this new landscape. We’ll work with you to develop a detailed view of your current IT architecture and explore the right combination of infrastructure-, platform-, and software-as-a service cloud solutions to fit your business needs and budget. Our Cloud Computing consultants will help you develop customized solutions across your organization that don’t rely on single service providers. We have experience integrating our clients’ systems with SaaS products like Microsoft Office 365, Workday, and Salesforce; PaaS offerings like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services; and numerous IaaS providers for operational support ranging from desktop virtualization to administrative automation and virtual private networks. Independent of the providers that best suit your needs, our goal is to help you transition to the cloud in a secure, stable, and cost effective way. Our consultants can help you:

  • Analyze your current architecture and business needs and customize a roadmap for a cloud migration that meets your budgets and objectives
  • Gain familiarity with cloud computing technologies and what makes them different from traditional IT
  • Make the right cloud investments for your business to maximize return and the methodological changes you need to bring your staff up to speed quickly
  • Transition single systems or entire infrastructures to the cloud in the correct order in a controlled, secure, and stable way

The Elusive Search for More Time

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by Lena Badicke

At our last company meeting, we asked our consultants which three things they could immediately change in their lives to increase their happiness. “Spend more time exercising,” “Do more activities with my children,” “take more personal time” – see the common thread yet? In workplaces everywhere, people are desperate for more time to pursue activities that lead to self-improvement and greater fulfillment.

Harvard Business Review (“HBR”) approached this elusive search for more time with a simple prescription: Stop. In a recent article entitled Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time –  by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy, HBR makes the point:

“Time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story. Defined in physics as the capacity to work, energy comes from four main wellsprings in human beings: the body, emotions, mind, and spirt. In each, energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals – behaviors that are intentionally practiced and precisely scheduled.” Continue reading “The Elusive Search for More Time”

Demand Fulfillment Analytics Platform

by Plaster Group’s Data & Analytics Team


Our client’s Business Intelligence solution lacked sufficient capabilities to determine optimal supply chain operations. Although data was available to analysts, it was stored in multiple locations and there were consistent issues in data report timing from data sources so data was neither aggregated in a cohesive manner nor delivered on time. Continue reading “Demand Fulfillment Analytics Platform”