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Agile Product Owner

Plaster Group’s Product Owners envision what is best for our clients’ product development and convey this vision to their team. This person understands user and customer needs, works closely with development teams, and manages stakeholder relationships.

Product Owners are responsible for the success of their business’s product. This product must stack up to the needs of its users, meet time and budget requirements, and benefit the business as a whole. Product Owners create a business model and develop their product’s roadmap. Beyond this, the role of the Product Owners has a great degree of variance. The scope of their role is influenced by such factors as market, product lifecycle, and the structure and size of the business. The Product Owners of new projects fill a very different role than those of more established projects. Product Owners of new products act as entrepreneurs – the must conduct problem interviews, competitor analysis, business modelling, product road-mapping, user-stories, product demos, and release planning. Product owners of mature products focus on maximizing their company’s return on investment. Their practices are more focused on product backlog, product road-mapping and release planning. Ultimately, Product Owners decide what their teams must do next; they set sprint goals, collect and analyze data to validate their goals, and track project progress in accordance with time and budget.

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