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BI Project Manager

Plaster Group’s BI Project Managers navigate competing stakeholder interests, motivate their delivery team, and implement quality solutions in a timely, predictable manner. This includes leading meetings with stakeholders, holding their team accountable, clarifying priorities, building and managing a work breakdown structure, and evaluating work estimates.

BI Project Managers facilitate decisions around project scope and budget with key stakeholders and report project performance-to-cost and schedule-to-cost by comparing key project financial metrics within the underlying business strategy. When managing the inflow of scope changes, they follow a proper change management process. They track and manage project status, risks, and issues while providing appropriate escalation and resolutions. BI Project Managers act as a liaison between business stakeholders and IT on key deliverables, technology questions, and resource issues. In doing so, they ensure that all stakeholders are up to date on project status and project requests from each business division.

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