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Product Marketing Consultant

Plaster Group’s Seattle-based Product Marketing Consultants aggregate the independent components of a marketing strategy under one umbrella. They grow their clients’ revenues by providing roadmaps to increase market shares, launch new products, and enter new markets. Product Marketing Consultants bring a diverse breadth of experience to the table; they possess a rich understanding of the product development process, market research, product pricing, promotion, and distribution. This experience allows them to offer objective advice and strategy, making them an important asset for companies looking for a new perspective or those with limited marketing resources.

Product Marketing Consultants engage client managers to analyze and understand their respective business requirements. After analyzing their client’s current business performance and comparing it to their competitors’ offerings, PM Consultants recommend strategies for product launches, market entry, and devise methodologies on increasing market share. Strong analytic and communication skills are key assets that enable our consultants to clearly and compellingly present their findings. Product Marketing Consultants also search for opportunities for new products and ways to improve and expand existing product lines.

When assessing marketing strategy, PM consultants work with their client’s product marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales teams to devise new marketing approaches. They review factors such as pricing, distribution strategy, and packaging. Often, Product Marketing Consultants must perform research into the product’s target demographics, competition, and perceived value in the marketplace. Ready to join Plaster Group’s Product Management & Marketing team? View our open positions here!

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