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Product Planning Consultant

Plaster Group’s Product Planning Consultants leverage their expertise to research market opportunities, create product definitions, articulate product strategy, and chart product roadmaps for our clients. They oversee the phases of product planning from development of concept, market study and research, product introduction, through to product life cycle.

Product Planning Consultants determine market opportunities by identifying target customers, product trends, and competitive offerings. Once an opportunity has been pinpointed, they create a product concept, defining the product by its characteristics and differentiating features. Product Planning Consultants then lead market research in order to determine the scope of their product’s demand and how to best position it within their target market. Data such as trends, demographics, and buy habits is collected from market studies, literature reviews, and focus groups. Based on their analysis, Project Planning Consultants project costs, demand, and revenue for their product.  They meet with upper and executive management to present their findings, using statistical reports and exhibits to promote their plan.

Product Planning Consultants strive to create a product plan that increases the product’s effectiveness in meeting the client’s corporate strategy and financial goals. They work directly with pricing, marketing, and public relations teams to drive agreements and provide input and insight on product lines. It is imperative that Product Planning Consultants identify key market trends, competitor advantages, customer experiences, potential cost savings, and revenue growth opportunities to ensure a strong product release and enduring life cycle. Throughout this process, they must keep product planning documentation up to date while providing weekly and monthly status reports to stakeholders.

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