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Delivering Cloud Capabilities to Academic Market Translate into Key Market Share for Client

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Delivering Cloud Capabilities to Academic Market Translates into Key Market Share Capture for Plaster Group Client

Plaster Group Helps Cloud Service Provider Develop and Market Product Offering to Multi-million Dollar European Market


Our client – a leading cloud service provider – sought an opportunity to expand its business in the international marketplace with a focus on the education sector. They partnered with a European National Research and Education Network (NREN) to further enhance the services of both organizations by taking steps to deliver cloud capabilities to hundreds of universities and other academic institutions across the NREN partner’s country.
In order to capitalize on this rapidly expanding market, our client would need to satisfy:

• Strict capital expenditure requirements designated by the NREN

• Customer-specific security issues and third party security concerns of the university networks

• Terms and Conditions unique to the academic market

Our client asked Plaster Group to provide its expertise in:

• Identifying the needs of the target market

• Designing an offering, licensing, and pricing structure that can be successfully scaled to meet the requirements of the universities within the target networks

• Balancing needs of NRENs and their respective university networks

• Launching an initial market share focused academic offering while managing scope through expansion on a global scale

• Developing and marketing product offerings for greater competitiveness in unique markets

• Developing best practices to market and leverage this transformative opportunity


Plaster Group consultants developed a business case for the opportunity, articulated why it is an important strategy for our client, and defined how best to leverage our client’s resources to achieve their desired objective. In addition, this business case reaffirmed the significance of our client’s NREN partner as an important gateway to the target region and underlined the logic behind the forecasted revenue.

Consultants worked with our client’s engineering and business teams to develop and define the product offering that would be deployed. Additionally, Plaster Group advised client stakeholders on how to best present the offering to their new customers to ensure their buy-in.


Plaster Group’s expertise proved essential in uncovering and promoting the details of this opportunity, both within our client’s teams and to their partner. In addition, consultants developed a scalable product package that satisfies the needs of our client and guarantees applicability to the greater market.

Key contributions include:

• Business Case – Developed a detailed profile of the opportunity that explains why our client’s service is important to their intended customer and key sales points for the target market.

• Contact Development – Fostered a relationship with our client’s partner to define their business case and promote an understanding of the project needs to more efficiently establish a foothold in the intended market.

• Promotional Structure – Established a unique Enterprise Agreement and an unmatched product offering for the research and education market to maximize the opportunity.

• Cost, Pricing, and Licensing Model – Developed a customer-specific agreement which provided the education community with the freedom to scale our client’s cloud service without penalty. This allows our client’s infrastructure to become the “overflow” resource for their customers.

• Value Proposition – Created sales and marketing collateral to effectively articulate the value of our client’s services and licensing model over the offers of our client’s competition.


Our client is well positioned to gain market share in the academic market for cloud services. Additionally, our client is poised to compete with a major competitor in a multi-million dollar European market. This key opportunity enables client to establish a strong and immediate market presence and simultaneously capture the momentum to grow rapidly in the next five years.

Our client benefits from increased unity and combined vision with the target European NRENs as well as other NRENs in the European market that are poised to engage. These NRENs will be essential in providing access to, and infrastructure for, our client’s expanding customer base. In addition, the academic institutions our client serves will soon have access to unparalleled public cloud services at flexible, scalable, and unmatched rates.