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Optimizing Security Badge Tracking

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InfoPath Solutions Optimize Security Badge Tracking at a Local Non-Profit

Security badge tracking moves quickly from spreadsheets to automation with a simple and scalable tool using SharePoint and InfoPath.


Our client needed to track secured staff and guest badges and report how many badges were in inventory at any given moment. Several locations on and off campus dispensed 554 physical badges with 51 unique access levels. Tracking these badges, to whom they were registered, and the personnel responsible for their dispensation resulted in a substantial quantity of data. Several disparate tracking systems were in use, and compiling the information was manual and subject to error.

Our client’s security team sought a centralized process which would allow ongoing retention of history, including who had which badge on which day, and provide reporting. Security personnel would need to be able to access the new system at multiple stations across campus. Ideally, the solution could be used at all 13 global locations.

Plaster Group was tasked with crafting a solution to this unique difficulty with creative use of common, out of box features of in-house client technology.


Plaster Group consultants spent considerable time getting to know the organization’s security infrastructure and the details of this distinct challenge. Plaster Group worked closely with our client’s leadership to determine how this need could be addressed inexpensively with in-house Information Management tools.

Plaster Group consultants employed their SharePoint expertise to develop a creative technical solution that would allow our client to employ existing SharePoint and InfoPath technologies to address these Information Management needs.


Plaster Group developed a solution organically around the goal to track and report specific items identified by the security team, based on existing organizational SharePoint and InfoPath technology - key features include:

● Specific data points to be collected including: access levels, badge numbers, which office & physical location (Country) issued badge initially, level of access, badge type, status of badge , expiration date, additional freeform notes
● InfoPath form allows searching on badge numbers from a SharePoint list
● Active badge numbers only show in InfoPath form
● People picker in InfoPath form connects to active directory validation (GAL), with flexibility for people who are not in GAL, such as guests


Upon implementation of the new Badge Tracking solution, our client quickly went from manual spreadsheets to automation with a single, easy to use system. The new system allows security staff to immediately see how many badges are on hand, what badges are active, and to run current and historical reports from several different perspectives. The use of SharePoint and InfoPath technologies has provided our client with a robust, easy to use system with a variety of features, such as:

● A Dashboard based on location displays daily badges inventory
● Tracking and reporting of Help notes, badge status changes, and all updates
● A simple interface with graphic buttons for each type of interaction, reducing the effort required to get the work done while enhancing tracking thoroughness
● List views for standard reports which can be exported to Excel for further business use
● Enhanced Search features provide swift and complete access to information

In addition, Plaster Group trained the solution owner to be the subsequent trainer ensuring our client is capable of employing its SharePoint and InfoPath technologies to tackle other unique Information Management challenges in the future without consultation.