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January 2017 Management Consulting Newsletter


Since 2008, Plaster Group has been helping local clients achieve their desired outcomes. Our consulting approach is to assess each engagement from the client’s perspective, become a steward for their success, and provide true value realization. We apply our highly experienced consultants throughout each engagement and only scale up when necessary.

4 Ways to Increase Tableau’s Impact


Unlock Tableau: IT managers and influencers of Tableau should apply these four guildines to increase Tableau’s accessibility, utilization, and value delivery.

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Plaster Group Book Club: The People’s Scrum


Plaster Group’s Senior Consultant and Director of Agile Solutions provides three reasons why you should start this year by reading The People’s Scrum, by Tobias Mayer.

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Ambient Computing & the Internet of Things


Ambient computing is becoming increasingly important. Find out how the ecosystem of the IoT presents revolutionary opportunities in our daily lives.

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Plaster Group Education Services is proud to host a two-day Agile training seminar in Seattle starting on March 20, with special emphasis on Scrum. Students will come away understanding:

  • ●  Why and when to apply an Agile approach
  • ●  How to set up and maintain a Kanban board
  • ●  Delivering a product using the Scrum Framework
  • ●  How to be a Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team Member in Scrum
  • ●  How Agile impacts Return on Investment
  • ●  How to report progress to leadership (“when will we be done?”)
  • ●  How to write good User Stories
  • ●  How to estimate work with Relative Sizing and Story Points

We encourage broad organizational participation. Our training enables organizations to get everyone on the same page quickly, so consider signing up department or team members. We aim to ensure everyone is not only talking the same language, but sharing a common understanding. Course content is tailored to real-world needs and constraints, while maintaining integrity to foundational learning.

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Fourth Annual Rise Up Luncheon

Last month, Plaster Group was once again honored to sponsor and attend the fourth annual Rise Up Luncheon for ROOTS Young Adult Shelter. It has been wonderful watching this event grow over the past four years and receive updates on the powerful impact that ROOTS has within our community. At its incorporation in 2000, ROOTS became he first overnight shelter in the city specifically designed to meet the needs of homeless young adults. Since then, it has continued to increase the breadth of shelter and services it provides to Seattle’s homeless youth.

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