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Program Manager

Plaster Group’s Program Managers help our clients achieve strategic results by providing oversight and analysis over a group of projects. They manage cross-project dependencies, program risks, issues, requirements, design, and solutions as necessary and are responsible for creating the business environment that Project Managers comply with.

Program Managers establish the business direction of their program. They actively communicate with Project Managers to gain insight and oversight regarding all projects within their program. In order to ensure all program goals are met, they leverage this insight in order to support project-level activity and manage cross-project dependencies. Individual projects are governed a simple management structure and are said to be managed vertically. In contrast, programs require a more complex governing structure because they involve fundamental business change with significant impact, and are said to be managed horizontally. While the degree of a Program Manager’s control varies considerably, all Program Managers exercise some degree of organizational influence to establish the frameworks that Project Managers operate within.

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