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Project Leadership Consultants

Regardless of industry or mission, project and program management are the value drivers that help your organization get the most out of its performance. But, they must be tailored to fit your organization’s culture, structure, and work environment. Plaster Group Project Leadership consultants focus on understanding your individual needs and combining their years of knowledge and experience with industry best practices to provide best-in-class results. Our consultants can help you develop your project leadership vision—whether your organization favors Waterfall or Agile methodologies—and teach you how to execute your strategies seamlessly using reliable, repeatable methods. Our consultants can help you:

  • Navigate the learning process that an organization undergoes as it explores new products, methodologies, processes, and markets
  • Setup and manage your PMO, and organize all areas of project, program and portfolio management including annual portfolio, strategic planning, and monthly/quarterly reviews
  • Effectively integrate teams within and across your organization through better communication, collaboration, and the elimination of “silos”
  • Define project management controls, expand decision making responsibility, and reduce confusion in authority among stakeholders so project decisions can be made in a timely fashion
  • Estimate work and resource allocation, accurately tying costs to work, and determine realistic schedules to control project costs, keep milestone dates, maintain budgets, and meet stakeholder expectation

Need some guidance in your project and program management initiatives? Plaster Group offers Project Leadership expertise to help your business grow and succeed. Contact us to find out how we can help!

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