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Scrum Master

Plaster Group’s Scrum Masters lead Scrum Agile practices and are responsible for keeping their team free from distraction. They ensure that the Scrum process is adhered to and constantly improving.

Scrum Masters enact change and continuous improvement in order to increase the productivity of their team and improve the quality of deliverables. Acting as a buffer between their team and distracting influences, they are primarily responsible for removing impediments to their team’s progress. Scrum Masters identify and resolve chronic issues that impede their team’s progress by making them visible to management and stakeholders. They facilitate Scrum meetings which include Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospectives, and exercises to build team cohesiveness. Scrum Masters ensure that their team members are committed to their Sprint goals, but also protect them from over-commitment. In organizations without Agile practices already in place, they may need to coach an organization towards Scrum Adoption and help stakeholders understand and enact Scrum.

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Think you have what it takes? Join our Agile Consulting Team! Check out Plaster Group’s Seattle Scrum Master Job Openings.

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