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Agile Consulting Options

Agile software delivery is the development of software in an iterative and incremental manner, with a focus on delivering the highest business value components first. Agile delivery allows our clients to achieve a quick return on investment, maximize productivity, and deliver the right solutions to their stakeholders. Plaster Group’s Agile consulting team is made up of certified Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches,  Product Owners, and Agile Developers with years of practical experience. Whether your business is just starting its Agile journey, or is seeking to make existing Agile practices more effective, our consulting team can assess, recommend, and implement strategies for success.

Plaster Group’s Agile consultants have extensive experience implementing and coaching Scrum. Our level of engagement on a project is flexible to fit your business and can range from lightweight consultation to a fully deployed team of Agile practitioners. Plaster Group Scrum consultants work with our clients to find a combination of the following options that best meet their needs:

Lightweight Consultation Model

Plaster Group acts purely in a consultative model to help our client’s existing team migrate to Scrum.

  • Plaster Group’s Agile coaches work with our client’s Development Team, Product Owner, and Scrum Master to put Scrum processes in place and guide them through Sprint roles/responsibilities, mechanics, and framework basics. For the first few sprints, our Agile consultant will be on site part-time to ensure everyone receives the necessary coaching and support. As responsibilities are transitioned over to the team, this on-site engagement will be reduced to only few hours on-site per week as needed.

Coach/Player Model

Our coach/player model provides immediate impact while training for transition, so our clients may realize ongoing benefits without ongoing cost. Plaster Group provides one full-time resource for Scrum implementation and transition for 2-3 months.

  • One Plaster Group Scrum consultant will be on-site full-time to work with business owners in developing a prioritized product backlog consisting of user stories and epics.
  • Plaster Group’s Agile consultant will fulfill the role of Scrum Master while simultaneously training the client in this role and coaching the Product Owner and Delivery Team. Over the course of the project, primary Scrum Master responsibilities will transition to the client until Plaster Group’s Agile consultant is no longer required.

Full Engagement

Plaster Group provides multiple full-time resources for Scrum implementation and migration.

  • At least two Plaster Group consultants (depending on the project size) will be on-site full-time to work with business owners in developing a prioritized product backlog consisting of user stories and epics.
  • Plaster Group Agile consultants will work and supplement our client’s Development Team and Product Owners as needed. The number of consultants is dependent on the size and scope of the effort.
  • Plaster Group will transition the primary Scrum Master, Product, and Delivery Team responsibilities to the client based on client resources and timeline preferences.

Plaster Group recognizes that each client is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Plaster Group’s Agile consultants partner with our clients to assess their current practices and Agile experience in order recommend a right-sized solution. Whether you only need help overcoming a short-term issue, or whether your business needs a new long-term strategy, Plaster Group will guide you through a solution that meets your business’s needs. In addition to these engagement offering, we also offer Agile training and workshops. Located in Seattle, Plaster Group is committed to helping your company reach its Agile goals. To find out more about our Agile consulting options, contact us today!

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