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Agile Transformation

Plaster Group Agile Transformation consulting is dedicated to providing Agile methodology implementation management and support tailored to fit the businesses we serve.  Whether you are just beginning the Agile journey, or are struggling to make existing Agile practices more effective, our consultants are passionate about assessing, recommending and implementing strategies for your success.

What We Offer:

  • Proportional Involvement A level of engagement ranging from consultation only to a fully deployed team of Agile practitioners. We provide Agile enhancement strategies, Agile project management, and Agile coaching and role mentoring across all enterprise levels, to fit your needs.
  • Holistic TransformationAgile Transformation strategies that target both process optimization and people. Team empowerment, conflict navigation, and agile training work with improved business processes to encourage the organic growth of an iterative, incremental and collaborative development process.
  • Proven Solutions  Structured transformation processes with no framework bias help your team adhere to Agile best practices, maximize ROI and team adoption success, and avoid transitional pitfalls.

Benefits of Adopting Agile:

  • Empowered Teams and Open Communication Enterprise-wide Agile transformation improves employee morale and team stability, fosters enhanced communication between business and technical teams, and creates technical teams who are committed to delivery, and work at a sustainable pace.
  • Improved Development Development teams are able to react more effectively to changes in requirements and new opportunities, accelerating innovation and building value more quickly.
  • Reduced Adoption Risk Proven transformation strategies foster employee trust in the transition and ensure the smoothest, most efficient Agile adoption, saving you time and effort, and cutting transition costs.

Plaster Group recognizes that each client is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Plaster Group’s Agile consultants partner with our clients to assess their current practices and Agile experience in order to recommend a right-sized solution. Read more about the different Agile consulting options and Agile workshops we offer!

Agile Transformation Capabilities:

    • Professional Coaching
    • Agile Role Mentoring
    • Agile Training
    • Process Optimization
    • Conflict Navigation
    • Agile Role Transition

    • Scrum


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