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SAS Consultants

With its suite of two hundred software products and applications, SAS is the global leader in advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analysis solutions. The SAS platform is highly scalable and provides a rich graphical user interface for a broad range of non-technical business users. It also offers a plethora of more advanced options for developers through the SAS programming language.

The largest set of SAS products revolves around digital customer intelligence, social media data mining, and online marketing analytics. Your business can use SAS tools to profile existing and potential customers, predict their behaviors, and enhance communication or marketing efforts. SAS tools are also leveraged extensively in:

  • Risk modeling and scenario analysis
  • Corporate policy compliance management
  • Monitoring and managing the utilization of IT assets
  • Supply chain analytics

SAS offers three products specific to the field of Business Intelligence: SAS BI Server, SAS Enterprise BI Server and SAS Visual Analytics.

  • SAS BI Server offers advanced data mining, forecasting and predictive analytics and the augmentation of structured data and analysis with collaboratively generated unstructured content. It allows for the effective creation and utilization of portals, scorecards and dashboards and the real-time dissemination of BI data through email and other types of messaging.
  • SAS Enterprise BI Server offers all the functionality of BI Server and the addition of OLAP (On-line analytical processing) viewers for Java and .NET, OLAP Cube Studio and front-end support via the SAS Information Delivery Portal – a web application that provides instant access to a wealth of enterprise information
  • SAS Visual Analytics is known for its impressive power, speed, and high quality data visualizations. Designed with Big Data analysis in mind, and partnering naturally with Hadoop, it provides the automatic analysis of huge amounts of data from structured or unstructured sources, from an easy to use dashboard, for a wide range of industries including banking, communications, life sciences, retail and manufacturing.

Need some guidance implementing BI technologies to improve your business? Plaster Group offers business solutions for SAS and other BI software to help your business succeed. Contact us at info@plastergroup.com today to find out how our SAS Consultants can help.

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