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Business Solutions

Plaster Group Business Solutions is focused on combining capabilities across project and program management, technology implementation, and operational excellence to provide flexible and scalable business solutions to meet our clients’ unique business needs.

In order to compete in today’s continually changing environment, business as usual is no longer an option; companies must reassess and reinvent or reposition how they do business. Plaster Group Business Solutions consultants are available to assist with this journey. We can help you develop an ever-vigilant focus on making informed business decisions, align technology solutions to business justification, and drive value realization and ROI, in a way that is thoughtful, clear, and right-sized to the needs of your organization.

Business Solutions Services Include:

  • Project Leadership We believe effective project and program management are the value drivers that can help an organization get the most out of its performance, especially when tailored to fit an organization’s culture, structure, and mission. Whether your organization is just starting project and program management practices or looking to make existing management more effective, our Project Leadership consultants can assess, recommend, and implement strategies for your success.
  • Enterprise Software DeliveryWe understand how to create a balance of governance and internal control without inhibiting creative solutioning and how a picture perfect delivery can be considered a failure if business stakeholders don’t know how to use the solution.  We work closely with our clients to right-size the most appropriate approach to their complex system and software delivery needs, delivering packaged and custom software across many industries using a variety of implementation methodologies.
  • Cloud ComputingTo migrate to the cloud, an organization must take their entire business into account, develop a detailed view of all their current systems, and select only the cloud computing options that can enhance their in-house solutions and mission. Plaster Group Cloud Computing consulting is dedicated to helping you navigate this new landscape. We’ll work with you to develop a detailed view of your current IT architecture and explore the right combination of infrastructure-, platform-, and software-as-a service cloud solutions to fit your objectives and budget.
  • Capability Assessment & Roadmapping We help our clients determine where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.  We work with our clients to understand their current capabilities, uncover gaps, and translate a vision into a tangible plan for prioritizing and delivering business value, helping organizations maintain their competitive edge.
  • Enterprise Content ManagementPlaster Group’s Enterprise Content Management consulting is devoted to providing solutions scaled to your information needs throughout the entire information life cycle. Our senior consultants are passionate about information management, design, and architecture. We help you gather and maintain secure, quality information, and articulate it to the correct people at the correct time in the most efficient way.

Business Solutions Delivery Capabilities:

Plaster Group Business Solutions consultants can help you select and develop the principles, systems, and tools you will need to maximize your strengths and mitigate challenges in shifting markets. We offer client-tailored services that help you:

  • Frame, evaluate, and justify business cases and decisions
  • Effectively utilize your infrastructure to align your IT capability and business objectives
  • Develop structured programs to realize maximum value and yield highest possible return on your investments
  • Create, employ, and monitor meaningful success criteria and ensure the completion of deliverables is impacting your bottom line
  • Identify the potential impact of change, and implement a structured management approach to ensure changes are executed smoothly and the benefits of each change are maximized
  • Architect and deliver people, process and platform solutions that increase efficiency, effectiveness and business agility

Located in Seattle, Plaster Group offers Business Solutions to help you get the most out of your systems, processes, and information. Contact us today to find out how we can help!