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Capability Assessment & Roadmapping

You have a business strategy – but how do you get to an execution plan that delivers tangible business value, not just a “shiny new piece of technology”?  Too often organizations rush to deliver business value by diving into technology projects that don’t realize the benefits that had been hoped for.

Plaster Group’s Business Solutions consultants work with you to understand the business capabilities that drive value back to your organization.  We guide you in the development of a roadmap strategy that will allow you to illustrate the work your organization does and see the business value individual capabilities generate.  By building out a strategic roadmap of capabilities, we reveal areas of your business requiring greatest focus and develop the means to navigate from your organization’s current maturity to the levels you aspire to achieve.

Our consultants help you:

  • Develop business capability frameworks and compare them to your strategic goals to understand what your business does and how well it is currently performing relative to your objectives
  • Identify gaps between the current and desired capabilities of your organization and bring focus to the areas of highest value for future investment
  • Build roadmaps to provide execution priorities and direction to maximize return on investment
  • Align your organization with an agreed plan to improve capability across your business and develop strategies for relating this increased focus to stakeholders

Roadmapping allows you to sequence the growth or transformation of capabilities in a way that makes the most sense in the context of your organization, taking into account influences such as compliance factors, known business constraints, expected ROI, and consitituent value.  A good roadmap will also provide your organization with a shared vision,  clear direction, and a platform for communicating the future investment and focus to stakeholders.  Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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