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Product and Category Management

Icon of a checklistPlaster Group’s Product and Category Management consultants understand the importance of cross-functional alignment and synchronization in the development, launch, and management of products. Our consultants guide product groups executing complex plans in small and large organizations.

DevelopmentWe focus the process on development by tailoring our approach towards customization. This eliminates complexity and promotes growth.

Launch – We apply time tested product launch mechanisms. Success in product launches is rooted in mechanisms that raise brand loyalty at a time when it’s crucial to retaining the consumer base.

Management – We manage products during their lifecycle, guiding the planning, forecasting, product, and marketing of products at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Our approach at Plaster Group entails Adaptive Productizing //

1) Market Analysis
2) Strategic Planning
3) Product Planning
4) Go-to-Market
5) Sales Enablement 


A Practice, Process, and Performance oriented approach to productizing, managing, and marketing products and services predictably. Learn more about what AP entails and how it impacts your business. Adaptive Productizing Graphic

Contact us today and one of our Product & Category Management consultants will start the process of guiding you through the development, launch, and management of your product lines.

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