Program and Project Management

Experienced PM’s to Lead Your Toughest Projects


PMO Setup

Our experienced consultants will ensure your Project Management Office (PMO) is properly setup and includes all the right elements, setting up your PMO for long-term success.

Plaster Group’s approach is to create a culture where project management is a valued competency embedded in the organization and where project leaders embrace the project management processes to ensure projects are delivered with quality, on-time, and on-budget. A successful PMO will provide you insight to project plans, connections, and dependencies between your various projects, while driving consistent communications and strategies across your organization’s projects.

We tailor our PMO set up strategy to each client to meet their individual needs. While we align with the PMP – PMI methodology, and bring years of experience, various methodologies, and toolkits, we recognize that each client has a unique set of needs and will require a tailored solution. Let us assist in building out a successful PMO that includes processes, tools, and techniques that are customized to your organization’s needs.

If your organization already has a PMO that needs to be improved, enhanced, or modified, Plaster Group is able to re-align the PMO to meet your needs. We will take a comprehensive view of your organization’s current PMO maturity, identify improvements areas, and implement a strategy to meet your goals and needs.

Our PMO set-up and realignment Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Standardizing project management methodology across your organization, tailored for your organization
  • Standardizing and deploying delivery processes, tools, and templates
  • Standardizing and defining project roles, responsibilities, reporting, and project actions roadmaps, and plans
  • Standardizing and defining metrics, KPIs, and financial controls within the project life cycle

Let us help you realize the benefits of a PMO – reduced risks, shorter project delivery times, cost efficiencies, and repeatable success. Contact us today to discuss your PMO needs.

Program and Project Management

Our team is well versed in a variety of delivery methodologies. This includes traditional Waterfall, Agile, and Agile/Waterfall hybrid methods. We approach each project as unique, customizing our approach to best fit the client, while integrating proven methodologies.

Our team can help with every step of the project process, from business case development to project closeout. Our team understands how to define business goals, secure the right resources, develop and execute to a comprehensive project plan, manage risks, and engage stakeholders.

Our Project and Program Management Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating clear and concise concept of the project need to align stakeholders
  • Planning and tracking
  • Project budgeting and reporting of forecasts
  • Management and tracking of risks and issues

We have broad experience from IT implementation to Manufacturing to Healthcare Services. Contact us today to learn how we can ensure your project or program starts off on the right path.

Project Re-Alignment

Have a project that is off track? Our proven methodologies will help bring it back into alignment with your business. We will provide strategies to mitigate project risks, and re-focus attention on critical deliverables to get your project back on track.

Given the nature of project re-alignment and the need for quick identifications of the problem(s) and immediate action, Plaster Group will start with a quick, but thorough assessment of the current project to identify issues and risks. We will look at scope, schedule, identified issues, resources, tools, processes and more. Following the risk and issues assessment, we will devise a realignment and recovery plan that aligns the issues to detailed steps towards resolution based on the identified causes of the issues, and provide the right individual or team to ensure the issues are resolved. Alternatively, our consultants will get your project back on track and transition knowledge and tools to the new or existing PM.

Our project rescue efforts will include comprehensive project risk management. Signs that your project or program may be at risk includes:

  • Trending towards over budget
  • Trending to be over deadline
  • Internal disagreements on project direction and misalignment between employees and leadership
  • Multiple change requests or scope creep
  • Major, unforeseen conditions
  • Stops and starts or a risk of project shut down
  • Staff turn over, staff inexperience
  • Compromised quality / end state product delivery

Contact us today to get your project back on track.

Change Management

Plaster Group’s Organizational Change Management Services encompass business process, organizational design and effectiveness, and people and culture first approach to address current and future business challenges. We know there is no “one size fits all” solution that addresses every issue each organization may encounter after adopting new technology, initiating new products or market segments, transitioning under new leadership, or merging with another organization. Our solutions are based on our practitioner’s experience and understanding of best practices as they relate to defining an optimal change management plan that fits your unique situation. As always, Plaster Group’s approach comes from a “no ego” standpoint, to be open to input from others and understand that everyone, even those of us who have been in business for years, has something to learn.

We offer a comprehensive approach to organizational transformations to achieve smooth transitions with minimal disruption. Change Management is an integral part of the following transformations:

  • Technology and IT Implementation
  • Organizational Design
  • Corporate culture change
  • Organization Strategies
  • Leadership solutions and strategies
  • Learning Solutions
  • Talent Strategies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Supporting functions’ transformations