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Collaborative Demand Planning Solutions

Plaster Group’s Supply Chain consultants work with our clients to develop short-term, flexible planning strategies while focusing on the lifetime product cycle and inventory positions that yield the greatest profitability.  Our consultants understand the benefits of establishing a planning cadence that aligns with both strategic and financial planning processes as well as daily or weekly replenishment and supply planning processes.  The success of our clients lies in building fully integrated planning processes with extra focus on new product launches and end-of-life product stages.



A lot of companies specialize in mid-life planning and avoid the complex planning processes needed at new product introduction (NPI) and at end-of-life (EOL).  However, most supply chain costs are incurred in these phases while the majority of product categories require an enormous amount of manual development. Plaster Group consultants will work with the client to carefully devise a process of decision and risk mitigation plans to minimize inventory excess while simultaneously capitalizing on all sales opportunities.

Core Account Team (CAT) Concept

Supply chain collaboration is about having the right people in front of the customer and giving them the information they need to shape the demand. Collaboration solutions require more than just tools and processes. It is essential to understand the business and operational strategies that influence customers to make purchasing decisions that deliver to the bottom.  Having the right personnel in place to collect and translate those business strategies into real demand plans is quintessential. Here is an organizational sales team concept we have seen implemented that delivers big results.

Collaborative Demand Planning Image 2


Supply Chain Operations Account Leadership

Elevating a mid-career supply chain lead (“Ops Lead”) to the account team can bring operational credibility to the account. The lead takes sole responsibility for all operational and strategic planning work – including annual revenue planning for budget purposes.

The Ops Lead directs a virtual team of shared resources to support the account from an end-to-end supply chain perspective. Virtual team members are usually aligned by business function and have a set of assigned accounts.