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Reverse Logistics and Customer Experience Strategies

A world class reverse logistics organization takes the traditional “after-thought” of supply chain and transforms it to a competitive advantage. A poor customer experience is the fastest path to losing a customer for life. In today’s competitive environment, it can be a differentiator that can sway the next purchase decision in your favor.
Plaster Group consultants design reverse logistics solutions using a few approaches:

  • Designing a customer experience that results in delighted customers and building an operational model to deliver consistent results at any scale and across all channels.
  • Increasing the velocity that returns move through the reverse supply chain.
  • Implementing infrastructure that enables “plug and play” integration with partners and customers

Historically managed as a cost center, the modern reverse logistics service is part of the customer service ecosystem that integrates the contact center (email, phone, chat), social media engagement, brick and mortar stores, service/repair centers, and third party sales and service partners. This ecosystem serves to reduce buyer’s remorse returns, increase visibility throughout the process, more efficiently and rapidly process product returns, and minimize excess and obsolete inventory.