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Supply Chain Solution Development and Process Improvement

Our consultants have years of experience building teams, engineering process improvements, and implementing systemic supply chain solutions. We are comfortable advising and implementing across all areas of supply chain planning and execution. Past projects in both B2B and B2C channels environments have ranged from creating and training supply chain teams, developing processes and system solutions for demand planning (sales kits as well as repair parts), and optimizing order-to-cash flows for both forward and reverse operations.  All of these solutions involved light to heavy development of data management solutions, process and performance measuring, and event and exception management reporting.

We aim to help our clients understand the foundational elements of their supply chain and work with them to develop a roadmap towards a customer focused, demand driven supply chain. Projects can be as simple as short advisories, to a multiple- year, end-to-end design and implementation. Below is our view of the high level progression for implementing a  demand-driven solution.

Framework of a Demand-Driven Supply Chain


Even though many of the blocks have dependencies as the supply chain matures to the right, many can be adapted and implemented in parallel so as to maximize the return on any investments made to advance a specific business strategy.