Supply Chain Operations

Extensive experience improving complex supply chains in a variety of industries

Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation

Setting up for Long-Term Success

Improving both existing supply chain operations as well as new product introduction starts with setting a goal and determining a strategy for how to achieve it. Our consultants have years of experience working with supply chains around the world by measuring their maturity and determining an optimal strategy for improvement.

As part of the Plaster Group Rapid Maturity Assessment we will help you compare your capabilities across different supply chain categories to identify the most problematic constraint or “weakest link” to achieving supply chain goals. Removing this “weakest link” is the fastest and most effective way to improve performance.

Common steps:

  1. Optimize across people, process and technology
  2. Help teams prioritize improvement efforts to solve for dynamically shifting “bottlenecks,” which can change as supply chains mature
  3. Align across organizational objectives to optimize supply chain design and continue to remove constraints
  4. Determine the level of maturity that is right for your organization and understand the impact and opportunity of continued improvement.

Why Plaster Group?

A strong strategy is like the north star, it sets the direction for the organization to follow. Our consultants provide guidance, across industries, working with some of the most complex supply chains in the world. Let us help you determine how your supply chain can become a competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Optimization

Better business decisions through data

End-to-end supply chain visibility is a popular concept today especially with the increased globalization for even mid-market companies. Visibility to your supply chain is key to supporting complete S&OP processes and improved supply and demand planning.

At Plaster Group we rarely find that technology is the most difficult aspect of improving supply chain visibility. In many cases the barrier to increasing visibility is a lack of training or process gaps that decrease the capability and accountability of the overall system. We work across partners,
providers and contractors to ensure that data is successfully translated and managed to ensure that appropriate decisions can be made.

Our consultants understand that the value of improving visibility in a supply chain only comes when latency is removed from problem solving. Regardless if the problem is excess or short inventory, service disruptions or lack of system capacity, our consultants have encountered and implemented sustainable solutions.

Why Plaster Group?

Our supply chain team can leverage Plaster Group expertise in lean process improvement, organizational change management, data science and business intelligence to create a complete turnkey service to help your organization realize the value of improved visibility in your supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management

Driving a value-centric approach

At Plaster Group we commonly see the largest opportunities to improve a supply chain, decrease costs and drive efficiencies are through strategic sourcing and improved vendor management. Our experience shows that many companies have only started to realize the benefits that come from an integrated and collaborative approach across the enterprise. Our clients have found that increasing the maturity and capabilities of their sourcing and procurement function has resulted in substantial cost savings for their organizations.

Your success is our success when it comes to strategic sourcing. At Plaster Group we work with our clients to set targets for sourcing cost savings, track the results of efforts and deliver value to your organization.

When it comes to tackling your programs and projects on time, on budget, while aligning them with business unit goals, you need to be able to depend on your vendors. Count on Plaster Group to help you create a comprehensive vendor management program for oversight of contracts, performance, risk, relationship management, strategy and value development all centered on one goal: receiving the greatest return for your vendor management efforts.

Why Plaster Group?

Our team of consultants has worked in a variety of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, food service, heavy construction vehicles, packaging, software, consumer electronics, telecommunications, logistics parts and services, and public utilities. We also have extensive experience advising and improving public sector supply chains.

Business Process Optimization

Success through process improvements

Plaster Group Consultants have unique expertise developed through our work in supply chains across different industries roles and geographies. We welcome the opportunity to dive deep into the details or tactics. Driving better process improvement demands that individuals know the process they are tasked with driving forward. Plaster Group consultants use a combination of leading industry practices and client input to close gaps in performance and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. We are experts at process mapping and documentation to support sustainable change in your organization. Our ability to work cross functionally to support initiatives helps our clients to exploit opportunities eliminate waste and stay on the critical path.

Why Plaster Group?

Our team has led lean improvement events in healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer electronics, and consumer packaged goods. The results were improvements in new product introduction, reverse logistics, inventory utilization, working capital management and workforce management.