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SharePoint Architect

Plaster Group’s SharePoint Architects work with our clients to develop a roadmap for their SharePoint usage. They lead the development of a SharePoint technology architecture plan and of the infrastructure components necessary to its support. In order to improve current systems and meet our clients’ business needs, they research and recommend new SharePoint tools and technologies.

SharePoint Architects research new and existing IT systems to permit the development of integrated systems. Consulting with IT and business stakeholders, they develop a systems plan and direction. They create a new SharePoint infrastructure based their analysis of anticipated SharePoint usage. SharePoint Architects advise clients on system scalability and development opportunities to promote business goals. They develop a migrations plan to upgrade all existing sites and solutions to the new infrastructure. In order to ensure knowledge transfer to our clients, they document all business and technical requirements. Throughout this process, they promote sharing of their expertise through consulting, presentation, and documentation.

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