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February 2015

Multiple Site Redesign: Customized Metadata, Centralized Search and Improved Collaboration

Content Management Case Study by Plaster Group’s Business Solution’s Team Challenge An existing team site was acting as a central hub for multiple team and cross-collaboration sites, but few were using it. A single client “gatekeeper” was uploading the majority of the files, but only that person understood the system. Many site pages and libraries were not being used. Confusing metadata terms frustrated new users. The site was out of date and needed current client site templates as well as updated technical features. Plaster Group’s Content Management Team was asked to provide expertise in developing customized metadata while improving the overall design and usability of cross-collaboration sites.

Data & Analytics Case Study: Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap Provide Vision and Direction

by Plaster Group’s Data & Analytics Team A solid Business Intelligence strategy now guides both tactical and strategic decision-making at this non-profit organization. Challenge Our client was experiencing significant issues with their Business Intelligence system: users weren’t getting the value they expected, and limited reporting capabilities kept user-adoption low. Further, the company’s data warehouse could not scale to meet business growth, and it was difficult to align implementation decisions with the long-term platform strategy direction and business roadmaps.