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April 2015

Building Custom Web Parts to Make HR Data Visible

by Plaster Group’s Business Solutions Team Challenge Our client’s Human Resources department had a large project portfolio in SharePoint that also contained information about approximately forty sub-projects. The department used multiple lists to track individual projects and “health” indicators of project groups including budgets, risks, and milestones. However, our client had no way to combine master project details and sub-project information so that progress and costs could be tracked simultaneously. Without the ability to collate data from the different lists, our client was unable to view current costs and risks or make the well informed projections regarding budget and milestones essential for successful project management.

Plaster Group Agile Round Table

By Shama Bolé Plaster Group launched our first Agile roundtable today under the aegis and hard work of our Agile Practice Area Director, Grant Beck. It was a morning session from 9:00am-10:30am with time before and after for attendees to socialize and enjoy coffee. The level of collaboration, energy and value was remarkable. We invited a select group of clients who have expressed interest in Agile delivery methods and it was a great venue for network intelligence viz. like-minded individuals from different client companies to exchange thoughts and experiences. We got an ovation (albeit seated) afterwards!