2017 Rise Up Dinner – ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

Plaster Group is honored to have sponsored Seattle’s ROOTS Young Adult Shelter fundraiser Rise Up for the 5th year running, celebrating ROOTS’ anniversary as an 18 year-old organization.

It has been wonderful to watch this event grow from its inauguration.  In the face of rising concerns over Seattle’s homeless crisis, it is incredibly important to support organizations like Roots. Please visit the ROOTS website to find out more about how you can volunteer or contribute in other ways.


Check out ROOTS’ Impact

  • It takes $86 in resources to host a guest for a night – but $44 is covered by in-kind donated food and labor
  • 32,400 hours of labor are donated annually for Friday Feast and shelter by ROOTS volunteers
  • ROOTS Supplies 16,000 “bednights” or stays by young people every year
  • 92% of young people without stable housing polled during the 2017 “Count Us In” survey identified employment as their top goal
  • ROOTS washes 2,300 loads of guest laundry and provides 8,600 showers annually

Do you have any Items on ROOTS’ Wishlist?

  • Full-size bath towels
  • Nail clippers
  • Boxer shorts, undershirts, socks (new)