Agile Open Northwest 2014 Recap

Plaster Group Agile consultants Shama and Grant had a great time time last week at the Agile Open Northwest conference. This year’s open space conference covered the gamut of Agile-related topics and provided an engaging environment for lively discussion. The session topics included:

  • Managing Stakeholder & Executive Expectations
  • The Role of an Agile Manager
  • Teaching Pairing
  • Designing Programming Languages for Agile
  • When Management Threatens to Kill Agility
  • Adaptive Execution + Any Planning = Agile
  • Thus Sayeth the Oracle
  • CREATE Quality Code (Cohesion, non-Redundant, Encapsulation, Assertiveness, Testability, Explicit)
  • Stuck? Root Cause Analysis
  • Legacy Code
  • How to be an Awesome Project Manager
  • Measuring Team Productivity
  • Agile: the Day After…
  • Visualizing Teams
  • Project Planning in an Agile Environment
  • CFDs
  • Agile Resumes and Interviews
  • Lean Feature Experimentation
  • End-to-End Quality & Other Challenges with Agile at Scale
  • Managing Requests Without a Product Owner
  • The 5 Rules of Learning
  • What Happens When we Focus on Everyone’s Needs
  • Why Cycle Time Distribution Looks Like it Does & How we Can Use it
  • Seeding Agile in a Reluctant Team
  • Working Remotely with an Otherwise Co-located Team
  • Good People are Made, not Bought
  • Avoiding Orthodoxy


Agile Open has graciously provided summaries of many session topics, complete with photos of any brainstorming and notes that took place during the discussion. This is a great resource if you are looking for Agile conversation-openers, need a quick reference after participating in the conference, or were unable to attend. Visit session notes and pictures on the AONW website by clicking here.