Agile Open Northwest 2016 Hilights

Plaster Group had another great year sponsoring and attending the tenth annual Agile Open Northwest, a three day conference at Seattle Center. This Year’s Central Theme:

“Agile: How Will You Know It When You See It” 


The conference brought in Agile practicioners from all over  was organized according to open space principals:


This year had a great turnout, bringing in more than 200 Agile enthusiasts who provided wide array of session topics, covering such things as:


  • Reluctant/Resistant Stakeholders or Team Members
  • Code Cooking
  • Requirements in an Agile world
  • You Can Agile Anything: An Experiment in Building a House with Agile
  • No Estimates
  • Agile Transformations: Are they Agile?

With many sessions going on simultaneously, attendees were diligent in taking and sharing notes so others could experience second-hand the sessions they were unable to attend. Weren’t able to attend the conference this year? You’re in luck – session notes can be found here!

Attendees kept the three days light and fun, engaging in activities and tweeting their favorite quotes:


Plaster Group’s senior Agile consultant Aki Namioki livened up the final morning of the conference by leading a session on Irish music (there was even some dancing!) Aki also worked hard as an active volunteer in the organization of this conference.

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Above photographs accredited to John Madison