Agile Open Northwest 2018

Plaster Group was delighted to participate in another successful Agile Open Northwest at Seattle center. AONW is an annual open space conference giving Agile practitioners a place to discuss ideas, challenges, and techniques.




This year the theme was “Stories Form the Frontier”  and diversity of the sessions was incredible, including topics like:

  • The Six Trumps: 6 Learning Principals that Trump Traditional Teaching. In case you were wondering, they are:
    1. Movement trumps sitting.
    2. Talking trumps listening.
    3. Images trump words.
    4. Writing trumps reading.
    5. Shorter trumps longer.
    6. Different trumps same.
  • Playing the Scrum Master of Scrum Masters role
  • Practices to Cultivate Presence
  • Agile Games
  • High Quality Software Practices
  • Kanban in a SAFe/Scrum World
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Testing: the Impediment to Agile Delivery?
  • Coaching as Negotiations
  • The Thermodynamics of Emotion
  • Don’t Manage Dependencies, Break Them
  • Being Agile but Pretending to do Waterfall
  • Working with Offshore and Other Remote Teams
  • Self-organization vs. Self-management

Numerous and detailed session notes inclusive of photos can be found here. Keep an eye out for next year’s registration as attendance is limited to keep this conference intimate!


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Plaster Group’s multi-talented Sr. Agile Consultant Aki Namioka co-chaired Agile Open Northwest this year, in addition to hosting a wonderful music session.