Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap Provide Vision and Direction

A solid Business Intelligence strategy now guides both tactical and strategic decision-making at this non-profit organization.


Our client was experiencing significant issues with their Business Intelligence system: users weren’t getting the value they expected, and limited reporting capabilities kept user-adoption low. Further, the company’s data warehouse could not scale to meet business growth, and it was difficult to align implementation decisions with the long-term platform strategy direction and business roadmaps.


Plaster Group’s Data & Analytics Consultants worked with a joint customer team including business stakeholders and technology leaders to assess the current solution, identify and prioritize business objectives, perform gap analysis, define strategy alternatives, and chart a course for a successful BI program.


With their deep BI experience, Plaster Group consultants influenced the strategy and roadmap discussions with practical guidance, helping the customer adopt industry standards and best practices to their specific situation. Recommendations covered a wide range of functional areas, including:

  • Leadership engagement
  • Business process alignment
  • Data structures
  • Reporting platforms
  • Delivery management

In assisting with development of the strategy and roadmap, we contributed detailed plans for short-term stabilization and transition activities as well as guidance for long-term growth and expansion.


The new Business Intelligence strategy and roadmap aligns the company’s BI activities with prioritized business objectives — a shared vision between business users and IT ensures that decisions address current needs while keeping a strategic perspective. With our help, the customer increased their internal BI expertise and gained a better understanding of different BI approaches and solution alternatives, leading to better architecture and implementation solutions.