Centralized Contract Tracking Brings it all Together


A Seattle-based non-profit organization had a contracts management system with insufficient and inconsistent data tracking abilities and the expectation that the system would continue to be in use for a few more years before replacement. Multiple groups within the organization use the same system, but this contracts system didn’t have the necessary level of tracking analysts needed to perform all of their duties.

Consequently, each of the organization’s groups developed different processes and tools with unique data requirements that had only some coincidental overlap. Simple contracts required the same high level of management as very complex contracts and the resulting inefficient workflow was costing them money.

Plaster Group’s Enterprise Content Management consultants were tasked with developing a standardized process for the tracking of contracts across the organization and crafting a centralized technological solution to support it.


Plaster Group met with each of five groups individually to define their unique tracking needs. Business Solutions Consultants collected data regarding term and field usage across the organization and worked with leadership to develop a strategy for the blending of disparate processes. This consensus among teams was critical in developing the scope and features of a technological solution before building it and developing its accompanying business processes.


Plaster Group Content Management consultants designed and implemented a customized SharePoint list, which tracks commonalities as well as unique program data points across the organization, providing central information in multiple views that address a variety of program area needs. The new solution is capable of grouping data in numerous ways and so can be tailored to the needs of individual programs while being common to the organization as a whole. Key features include:

  • Centralized tracking of all contracts
  • Common data columns applying to all groups
  • Unique group data columns
  • Customized views group specific filters and conditions for a variety of program needs including SLA review
  • Workflows behind the list capture date/time stamp for contract status change management


Our client went from using multiple tracking systems, with inconsistent and confusing data requirements, to utilizing a unified contract tracker providing insight into all contracts across common data points. As such, report quality has been significantly improved, and our client is capable of making impactful decisions with greater confidence. In addition, simple contracts can now be pushed to secondary teams for faster processing with less supervision, allowing better resource management for complex contracts. The flexibility of the new contract tracker allows for development of new views by our client’s administrators as needed by individual programs.