Demand Fulfillment Analytics Platform

by Plaster Group’s Data & Analytics Team


Our client’s Business Intelligence solution lacked sufficient capabilities to determine optimal supply chain operations. Although data was available to analysts, it was stored in multiple locations and there were consistent issues in data report timing from data sources so data was neither aggregated in a cohesive manner nor delivered on time.

Additionally, analysts were required to switch between several reporting platforms to communicate results to the business.

The resulting inefficiencies created extra effort for analysts and either the reporting of contradictory information or untimely information delivery. This resulted in added cost to the business, inadequate predictive analysis capabilities, and ultimately gaps in inventory at our client’s stores. The bottom line: unhappy customers.

Our client called on Plaster Group to provide subject matter expertise in supply chain analytics to develop methods to ensure effective collection and dissemination of this mission critical data, and to replace the legacy BI solution.


Consultants from Plaster Group met with our client’s business and technology leaders to assess the strengths and weakness of the legacy system and related processes, and to understand the desired capabilities of a new Business Intelligence platform. Plaster Group worked closely with our client to review and revise order fulfillment business process and metrics to ensure carriers are more accountable for their performance for on-time order delivery.


Plaster Group consultants managed the replacement of the legacy SQL [Server] database with an Oracle Database and incorporated additional analytic functionality by leveraging tools our client already had in-house. Data was consolidated into a single data mart, eliminating issues commonly encountered when writing reports using disparate data across multiple systems, and analysts were provided with a single set of reporting tools with which to communicate their evaluations.

Additionally, Plaster Group created dashboards, scorecards and reports with updated business metrics, and provided our client’s functional teams with thorough training on the new system, ensuring our client would be capable of fully applying the solution’s strengths after Plaster Group transitioned the application to the client.


The new solution gave business users enhanced reporting on a single platform and complete supply chain visibility to ensure on-time order delivery. Our client was able to substantially reduce waste in customer fulfillment and ensure that carriers are more accountable for their performance for on-time order delivery, resulting in faster order fulfillment, increased customer satisfaction, and higher revenues.


  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Linux Server
  • Windows

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