Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics “From Grounds Up”


Our client – a specialty Seattle coffee retailer – disengaged with its distributor, and upon doing so lost visibility into its distribution channels. Only delayed point of sales reporting remained available. Additionally, ETL processes were not optimized to efficiently manipulate data returned from non-company branded stores. When combined, these two challenges resulted in haphazard data quality and an inability for the business to produce and utilize mission-critical data necessary to make effective decisions concerning the direction of the business.

Plaster Group was tasked with helping our client bring management of consumer packaged goods in-house. This would require the construction of an internal analytics system capable of sophisticated aggregation of data into a centralized data warehouse and actionable, standardized reporting.


Plaster Group’s Data & Analytics Consultants designed and deployed a solution which, by adding new data acquisition mechanisms and processes to business intelligence tools the customer already had in-house, created a platform for advanced targeted analytical capabilities. Plaster Group was essential in providing:

  • Process Definition and Management – formalized and improved IT processes to
    ensure the capture, delivery and effective utilization of essential consumer packaged
    goods data from disparate retail sources across the entire business.
  • A Rapid Interim Solution – leveraging an Agile approach, swiftly delivered initial
    functionality via an interim database, allowing the effective maintenance of our
    client’s supply channels in the short-term while efficaciously planning the long-term
  • A Superior Alternative to 3rd Party Distribution – incrementally implemented
    sophisticated in-house analytics, forecasting, and reporting for finance, accounting,and sales using Agile methodologies.


The new analytics system provides business users with full visibility into distribution channels and enables more accurate forecasting. Our client is able to maximize revenues in high-margin areas by strategically placing sales promotions, rewarding their best customers, and providing data-driven incentives to sales executives.


  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Linux Server

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