Plaster Group’s 2016 Resolutions

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At Plaster Group, we are committed to continuous improvement and forward development. We’re a team of people seeking to set and work towards goals, to challenge ourselves, and to improve as a company. Here’s some aspirations we’ll be working towards in 2016:

Aki Namioka, Agile Solutions Consultant

“Explore and develop new areas of opportunities for the Agile Practice“.


Team-Kaye-BrianBrian Kaye, Client Services Director

“Improve networking by reaching out to former colleagues, attain better working knowledge of Tableau, and contribute at least five knowledge capital items to Plaster Group’s resource pool.

Team-Hoyt-DaveDave Hoyt, Business Solutions Consultant

“Develop an application in the cloud using Azure, help my client better manage risk, and journal  three times a week.” 

  Team-Beck-GrantGrant Beck, Practice Area Director

“I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions (I don’t save things up for one time of the year), but instead make ‘resolutions’ to myself throughout the year. My current focus is to continue to seek out and learn new ways to be in service to my team, my coworkers, my client, and my company.” 

Team-Connor-HeidiHeidi Connor, Business Solutions Consultant

“Contribute to Plaster Group’s reference documentation and case studies pool.” 

PlasterGroupHS-BW-2Kyle Connell, Business Solutions Consultant

I am hoping to broaden my skillset to provide more value outside my current core technical skills.  A specific example would be using big data to support and improve supply chain management.”


Mike-Fernandez-BW-retake-1-200x300Mike Fernandez, Business Intelligence Consultant

“Improve my story-telling skills and re-establish my Agile skill set.”