Agile Solutions

Connecting People- Creating Value

Working Agile is not just about incremental delivery of software, but about iterative delivery of business value.  Our Agile consultants bring years of experience, across multiple industries, to help our clients better deliver business value to their customers.

Plaster Group Agile Solutions specializes in helping our clients improve their ability to deliver effectively by leveraging and transitioning to Agile delivery frameworks and Lean practices.

Whether just beginning an Agile journey or simply needing reinforcement of Agile principles, we partner with our clients to define a strategy that is right-sized for their goals. We provide holistic Agile Delivery Solutions, developing Agile Transformation Programs for organizations, as well as providing experienced Certified Scrum Masters, Certified Product Owners, and Certified Agile Coaches for more tactical engagements.

Agile Assessment

Chart your Course

 The first step in an Agile engagement is to understand your organizational goals and needs. Initial assessments provide not only a baseline for future measurements, but create the inputs for an Agile Roadmap.

Get a clear picture of Agile current-state so an effective and targeted future state vision can be mapped and measured.

  • Organizational Interviews – Polling across the organization for trends and patterns.
  • Agile Inventory – A score card used to determine the baseline of an organization’s current Agile capability, so we can target our services to our client’s specific needs.
  • Empirical Observations – Team-embedded coaching, ceremony observation and role and artifact review.

Agile Training

Knowledge is Key

Our classroom-based training is an individualized and targeted classroom-based learning experience for our clients, characterized by a high degree of classroom interaction. Our instructors have real world experience, and bring those experiences into the classroom for a deeper understanding of the material.

Our seasoned Agile professionals provide training on Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).  We tailor our training material to create an impactful learning experience for both teams and leadership.

  • Tailored Curriculum – Customized approach and content to connect with your organizations’ goals.
  • Shared Learning – Realize the benefits of having everyone train together.
  • Common Understanding – Get everyone one the same page and using the same terminology.
  • Synchronized Execution – Establish the foundation necessary for high-functioning Agile teams.

Agile Practitioners

Mastery Through Experience

 As a client, you want a Scrum Master who knows more than just how to ‘go through the motions’ of a sprint. Our Scrum Masters understand the ‘why’ of Scrum, and how the practices relate to Scrum values and the Agile Manifesto. We understand how the process of doing Agile leads to being Agile. We facilitate the practice and teach the meaning in order to deepen understanding.

Our senior Agile consultants are certified Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and SAFe® practitioners. Our specialists strategically partner with your organization for immediate impact on each step of your Agile journey.

Agile Coaching

 A commitment to transformation requires an investment in individuals. Plaster Group understands that Agile is not about process – it’s about people.

Coaching helps elevate the organization to the next level of Agile functioning. Our coaches’ partner with our clients to design a transformation strategy that fits their needs, providing implementation and execution guidance to move the organization towards Agility and business value delivery at the right pace.

Our Agile coaches help organizations learn how to empower their people to realize the potential of their teams, and transform internal culture to support iterative and incremental delivery. We also provide mentoring in the specific Scrum roles to help Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Delivery Teams become proficient.

  • Agile Roadmap – Aligning goals with strategy, executing to cadence.
  • Business Process Transformation – Agile Practices and Lean Thinking.
  • Facilitation – Holding the space for creative collaboration.
  • Coaching – Coaching support for successful transformation.


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