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Agile Solutions

In our swiftly changing world, competition, technology, and customer needs evolve with increasing speed. Responding quickly to market needs is key to organizational survival. Agile can help your organization survive and successfully deliver both business and IT projects.

Our Approach

We quickly assess your level of business agility. This assessment identifies quick fixes as well as long-term solutions that will help you successfully implement Agile frameworks and practices.

How We Partner With You

  • Journey Management  The Agile journey starts with a strategy and a roadmap. We have proven approaches to guide your organization through an Agile transformational strategy that works for you.
  • Training  The Agile training approach is interactive and keeps the audience engaged. We provide approaches that always include exercises and role playing. The training experience is customized to reflect your constraints or organizational setup.
  • Agile Coaching  Our coaches work side by side with your team to lead meetings, set up processes, and provide the foundation for success with Agile. Our coaching arrangements start at three months and complement Agile training.
  • Scrum Masters  A skilled Scrum Master makes an immediate impact. Our Scrum Masters have experience across multiple industries; they deliver immediate value and provide a model for others in your organization.

Plaster Group recognizes that each client is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Plaster Group’s Agile consultants partner with our clients to assess their current practices and Agile experience in order to recommend a right-sized solution. Read more about the different Agile consulting options and Agile workshops we offer!

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