Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics

Increase your competitive advantage with quicker access to better information about your customers, products and business processes!

Data management and analytics can be a difficult space to find your footing, and success requires more than just collecting data – the data needs to provide accurate insights you can act on!

We have deep experience helping clients create business value from their data, using proven methodologies to build a solid foundation and then deliver rapid value while maintaining focus on your long-term business success.

Whether you are looking for specific areas within the analytics lifecycle or an end-to-end initiative, let us partner with you on a right-sized engagement to deliver an ideal solution that moves your organization forward.

Vision & Strategy

 A Foundation for Success

 Your journey to analytics success begins with creating a vision of what is possible – then defining the strategy and executing on a plan to reach that destination, starting from where you are today.

You won’t find a one-size-fits-all formula to become an insights-driven organization, and our consultants have been down this road before.

We’ve learned that great analytic capabilities and culture don’t come from a technology-first approach… and so we focus on a mindful alignment of technology with business and data domains, combined with process excellence and enabled by organizational culture.

  • Leadership Advisory – Expertise to Drive Change – Reimagine your analytics approach, technology and culture and become an insights-driven organization.
  • Assessment, Strategy and Roadmaps – Your Organization’s Unique Plan. Assess your organization’s analytics maturity, know where you want to be, and create a plan to get there.
  • Data Governance – Confidence in Data. Give users increase confidence in their data decisions with a culture of data quality, transparency, and accountability.
  • Solution Architecture – Design for Success. Increase success by aligning you business processes with the analytics technology, platforms and capabilities.

Data Management & Engineering

Successful analytics initiatives require good data combined with the right tools, platforms and infrastructure – and as most organizations have experienced, it is non-trivial to get the right data… to the right people… at the right time… with the right quality!

Adding to the challenge is the need to keep your technology, skills and approach up-to-date with a rapidly changing technology landscape, while at the same time responding to stakeholders that require increasing amounts of data and better analytic capabilities!

Our consultants can help you get started, leveraging years of experience and industry best practices to help you establish a solid foundation, deliver value faster and keep you on track toward long-term success.

  • Data Architecture – Design the Forest and the Trees. Be confident you have the right pieces and know how to best put them together.
  • Modern Data Platforms – Scalable | Flexible | Reliable. Be ready for today and tomorrow using best-in-class platforms for your data.
  • Data Engineering Best Practices – Increase Business Value. Improve development and operational efficiencies while reducing cost, complexity and risk.

Analytics & Insights

Data is less valuable without context and understanding; trying to find substance in walls of numbers can leave you struggling to run your business effectively and stay ahead of the competition.

Our consultants use visual best practices to help you create engaging and enlightening reports, dashboard and scorecards that will surface key insights, enabling your team to move from data to information and, finally, to action.

  • Dashboards & Scorecards – Understand Your Data. Create visuals that surface the right insights to understand key metrics related to business performance and direction.
  • Self-service Analytics – Enable a Data-driven Culture. Give users the data, tools and skills they need to make data-informed decisions –with minimal IT involvement!
  • Visual Design Best Practices -Usability Meets Data. Great visualizations combine art with science to increase understanding, adoption and impact.

Process & Methodology

This is where an organization pulls away from the crowd to become high-performing, with effective processes and appropriate methodologies to separate “excellent” from “average” – and yet many companies often overlook or postpone this critical area of delivery.

Building robustness and resiliency into both development and operations leads to more effective use or resources, higher quality deliverables, reduced risk and more satisfied users.

  • Agile Delivery – Innovation through Agility. Leverage an Agile approach to deliver your highest priorities sooner and with better quality.
  • Project Management – Excellence in Execution. Integrate with broader organizational initiatives following more structured project management practices.
  • Sustainment & Managed Services – Operational Efficiency. Optimize the ongoing operations of your data ecosystem with effective sustainment agreements.


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