SharePoint Consulting: Minimizing SharePoint Upgrade Risk

Regression Testing and User Training Minimizes SharePoint Upgrade Risk for a Local Non-Profit. Comprehensive support provides efficient solutions throughout implementation of a complex platform upgrade from planning, to testing, to training.


A Seattle-based non-profit organization with a large, complex SharePoint 2007 implementation planned to upgrade to SharePoint 2010. Even with careful planning, integrated applications across the entire organization (including custom and third party products) would be affected and potentially impact everyone’s day-to-day productivity. To determine the effects, a large regression testing effort was required.


Plaster Group’s SharePoint Consultants worked with stakeholders to evaluate their SharePoint implementation as part of the planning for the SharePoint 2010 upgrade. They focused on testing and how best to migrate existing sites and content with the least amount of disruption, including:

 – Planning, analysis, and project management with stakeholders and end users.

– Regression testing, content mitigation, and migration preparation:

  • Consulted with various customer teams to review and test content and identify necessary mitigation issues.
  • Tested hardware and software within each of the different environments.
  • Identified custom and third party applications that would be affected.
  • Determined which SharePoint 2010 features would not be implemented in the initial upgrade.
  • Created a separate project where future features could be implemented as part of a redesign and upgrade.


  • Documented key changes and new SharePoint features.
  • Created training materials.
  • Provided team and individual training as new SharePoint sites were deployed.


The customer was able to successfully complete their SharePoint upgrade without significant impact to other web related work in progress. Third party applications identified for replacement during the planning process were phased out reducing cost and complexity.